The following general summary of our different insurance policies has been prepared as a quick reference .  IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL OF THE POLICY CONDITIONS AND EXCLUSIONS THAT MAY APPLY TO THESE POLICIES.  It also does not include other special coverage for other faculty/department specific needs.   Insured losses may be subject to an internal deductible and/or policy deductible.  This information is subject to change without notice and is affected by many factors.  If you have any questions about the insurance implications of an activity or situation in which your department is involved, please contact the Office of the Insurance & Risk Assessment.

 The summaries identify the following key points for each policy:

  • what is covered by the policy
  • where applicable, who is covered by the policy
  • comment on deductible limits that may be charged back to faculties, departments, and ancillary units
  • what is not covered by the policy (exclusions)

Insurance Programs